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Funding application


Is your company ready to take the next step towards financial discussions and finding a suitable investor or financier? Do you know what you are looking for and are ready to make these dreams come true?

Through our website, you can now easily indicate your willingness to be seen in front of investors and financiers.

The purpose is to make your company contacts with investors and financiers and take the message forward of what you are looking for; be it a venture capitalist, a business angel, a buyer, or other financing. We will be happy to arrange meetings with interested financiers and investors with you and help your company prepare for the financial discussion. Read more and indicate your interest below.

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Planning and implementation of the financing round


Is your company looking for an investor either domestically or abroad? Wondering what kind of investors might be interested in your business? How should they be approached?


We contact hundreds of private and public financiers each year to obtain growth financing and investments for our client companies. With the help of our experts, we are able to determine the most suitable financiers for your company and put together a sufficient package of materials to arouse interest.


It is a good idea to start organizing a funding round well in advance of the need for funding. Most companies start planning financing too late. Normally, the length of the financing round from the first contact to the creation of the share deed takes 2-6 months, but almost as often the process stretches up to a year.

The financing round is a whole that covers the whole process from the precise definition of the company's financing need to the grinding of details, the preparation of financing materials and, hopefully, the final confirmation of financing through financing discussions. Sometimes more rounds are needed to find the right financier, sometimes one round is enough.

The funding round is divided into two different entities: planning and implementation. We recommend utilizing the service packages together, starting with the planning and continuing directly to the implementation. You can read the content and pricing of the services below.

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Applying for public funding

Public funding is often part of a company’s financing plan for the next few years. However, there are images of a laborious writing process in the form of project plans and various forms. We help you choose the right financial instruments, create a credible project plan and carry out the necessary business calculations. At the same time, we ensure that the development project is part of a broader development package for your business. Also worth noting is the overall need for funding for the company’s long-term development plans, not just the current project.


If the development guidelines and the need for funding are clear in mind, we will only focus on defining the project and building the funding application.

A representative of your company will participate e.g. creating a project plan, budgeting the project, meeting with financier experts, and providing the necessary information about the company.

You leave the application process and paperwork to our experts.

Financial panel

Want to quickly test your company’s eligibility and get valuable feedback from multiple funders? In the financing panel, your company will give a 15-20 minute presentation to about 10-20 financiers invited to the venue, followed by another 20 minute discussion with the financiers. The financing panel is usually attended by domestic public financiers, representatives of private equity firms and banks, and private retail investors.

The financing panel is suitable as part of financing planning or starting a financing round. Preparing for the financing panel is a process during which the company creates a credible financing proposal with presentation materials that your company can use in further discussions with the financiers.

Financing panels are held annually in 5-6 metropolitan areas and in Jyväskylä. Since 2012, we have organized more than 30 Financing Panels with more than 100 companies and more than 300 donor meetings. 30-40 percent of companies will have received funding in the near future after the panel.


CFO services

Does taking care of finances take time away from a company’s core functions such as sales work? Have you considered hiring a CFO or business controller? Based on the needs of your company, the role of a rental finance manager is to develop your company's profitability, organize financial and administrative matters to a new level as your company develops, and support effective management in matters related to the company's financial management and goal setting.

A hiring manager is a cost-effective and low-risk choice to develop and maintain your company’s finances and administration. The service enables SMEs to utilize a high-profile expert in the development of finance and financial management. You avoid the risks associated with recruiting and pay only for what your business genuinely needs.

With the help of our experienced expert, you will be able to quickly fill a possible resource shortage and reform financial management to the next level required by the company's development direction.


What is the value of my business? Quite a few entrepreneurs are pondering this same question. Determining the value of a company often becomes topical when you are looking for a new investor for your company, the company is passing on to the next generation, or you otherwise want to sell your ownership. Determining value is a multifaceted process that requires consideration of several factors.

By using an expert to determine the value of your business, you make sure you don’t sell your business too cheaply or run conversations aground by setting the catch price unreasonably high. By hiring a valuation expert, you will achieve a better position in the negotiations and get comprehensive information about the factors that affect the value.


In addition to valuation, our experts make recommendations on ways in which the value can be affected and how to proceed in the current situation.

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