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Strategy work

Growth strategy

Whether your business is just at the beginning of a growth path or looking for completely new routes to achieve growth, we will help you plan a route to reach your destination.


Together, we create hands-on plans to achieve bright polished growth goals. We make sure the steps are the right size but ambitious enough. We agreed on schedules, responsibilities and the necessary resources, taking into account both the team's expertise and funding. A viable growth strategy will help your company e.g. financing insurers and managing growth risks.


Strategy work is most often carried out in such a way that key personnel responsible for operational activities and those involved in practical implementation participate in the planning. This ensures the commitment of the team to implement the jointly agreed measures and reach the destination.


If necessary, we also help your company implement the strategy with additional hands and feet as part of the operational core team.

Ownership strategy

Business owners may have different expectations and views about where the business is going, how, what things are important to the business, and what the goals of the business are. The backgrounds and reasons for individuals to own a business can differ significantly.


We help business owners bring different perspectives into common policies. We find out the ideas of the owners at the individual level and, on the basis of them, implement an ownership strategy to which the entire ownership community is committed.


A common vision of the direction of the company makes the systematic development of operations more efficient.


distribution channel strategy

Do you take advantage of all your optimal distribution channels? Have your distribution channels been designed to be as efficient as possible for your business or should they still be developed?

Strategies are unfortunately characterized by over-planning and under-implementation. This is why we focus above all on making the strategy concrete, commercial and feasible. The strategy work of the distribution channels is implemented at the management team level, so that key personnel responsible for operational activities and those involved in practical implementation participate in the planning. In this way, the commitment of the whole team to the implementation of the jointly agreed measures and the achievement of the goals is ensured.

In implementing the distribution channel strategy, we are also happy to act as additional hands and feet as part of the operational team to ensure that implementation is effective and planned.

Business analysis

With analysis, a clear picture of your business.

With the Analysis service, we help growth companies clarify their goals, development targets and growth plans. Mapping a company’s growth capabilities in conjunction with an outside expert will inevitably create new perspectives, and open up thinking to a variety of opportunities.

Together, we will drill down to the core of your business, and put your growth goals and development steps in order.

Business analysis is especially important when you are planning a broader growth-oriented development project and you want to make sure that your company is on a solid footing and that its other activities support the success of your development efforts.

The company analysis can also be carried out with the Enterprise Development Services of the ELY centers , in which case we follow the productisation of ELY in the implementation.


Risk analysis

What risks should your company be prepared for? How can you minimize the risks or the disadvantages they cause?

Risk analysis is an effective way to identify the types of risk factors in a company's business or operating environment. The analysis highlights the worst-case scenarios and assesses their business severity and probability percentage. With the help of risk analysis, the company can build an action plan for itself that takes into account the risk factors and seeks to minimize their realization or the resulting harm to the business.

Risk management

Almost anything can happen, but with what probability? And what does that mean for my business?

Together with the management of your company, we identify the risks threatening your operations, determine their financial significance, means of preparation, severity and probability of materialisation.

Up-to-date risk management reduces the workload of corporate management, freeing up time for the essentials - business development and sales growth. Risk management enhances the credibility of your company in the eyes of potential financiers and also allows insurance coverage to be dimensioned correctly.


MWBs or Must-Win Battles

Can you name the biggest stumbling blocks in your business? Do you know what ways you can turn challenges into strengths?

In practice, MWB, or must-win battles, means the means and measures by which business growth opportunities can be realized. The method identifies the most critical development targets and challenges for the business (must-win-battles), identifies concrete ways and measures to improve them, and sets responsibilities and deadlines to ensure effective implementation.

The method provides your company with a means of planned and targeted business development. The must-win-Battles method drills into the most important development points for your business and focuses on those factors that are most critical to the success of your business.

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