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From an idea to a profitable business

Business planning

The new business under development will take a more concrete form as a business plan. In collaboration with your company, we create a ready-to-implement plan that keeps your business risks under control, charms financiers with your knowledge of the operating environment, and conducts profitable growth business in a market where your business is viable and profitable for years to come.

When making the plan, it is determined e.g. the basics of profitable business, assess risks, delve into the business environment and, if necessary, the market, define strategic goals and feasible measures, and make the necessary business and financial calculations.

The value of the design phase comes from the sparring, industry experience and feasible advice provided by our experienced experts. Instead of - or in addition to - an exemplary document, our customers will be left with a wealth of usable growth fins and new human capital.

From idea to commercial product

Do you or your company have a great business idea that you would like to turn into a marketable commercial product? Have you identified the problem and customer need and been able to credibly describe the solution you developed? Maybe you’ve had your first conversations with customers, and got the green light to take your idea forward.


We help start-ups and companies innovating their businesses to commercialize and market new products and services. Typically, we help our customers e.g.

  • create a viable growth plan with budgets and financial calculations

  • define and price a product or service

  • test the idea with customers and gather feedback to support the development work

  • to create the networks required to start operations domestically and internationally

In addition, we assist in many other matters related to design and practice. The scope of implementation depends on our customer's situation and wishes.


We make plans with your team to the extent necessary, e.g. to ensure the profitability of the business and to convince the financiers. However, the emphasis is often on practical implementation alongside design work.

Financial planning

In cooperation with your company, we implement financial-related plans such as budget and profitability calculations for existing or new business, cash flow calculations and investment or financing plans.


In addition to running your company's daily life, you need financial-related plans and monitoring systems, e.g. ensuring profitability, assessing the payback period of investments, as well as determining the need for financing and applying for financing. Financial plans and continuous monitoring of the economy also help to prepare for unexpected everyday business situations.


The preparation of calculations is usually related to the planning and start-up of a new company or business, the development of financial monitoring systems in companies at different stages, as well as the setting of business objectives, the creation of indicators and the monitoring of performance from a financial management perspective.

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