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Internationalization plan

Does your business have internationalization potential? Will Finland's borders be met now or in the future? The market, culture and ways of doing business differ from country to country. Our experts, who have gained experience through practice, will help your company faster and with less risk towards international business.

The internationalization plan is launched by going through the current state of your company - what works, what areas need to be strengthened, whether resources are sufficient. Is there enough funding? Is the know-how good to conquer the target country?

We implement a phased and pragmatic plan in which various actions are scheduled, resources are inspected, and tasks are held accountable to the right actors. We make sure that your company is ready to strive towards new markets - once international growth starts, domestic business will also do well.

Together, we identify segments and customers and define what product or service is offered to the target market. We consider critical success factors, review risks and make the necessary business calculations to determine the need for financing and ensure the profitability of operations.

A good starting point for expanding into the international market is if your company already has a customer or customers in Finland. In this way, your business idea has been tested in practice, and it is more efficient to start refining and duplicating it in new market areas.

Market mapping

Does your products or services have internationalization potential? Will Sweden, Central Europe or the USA, for example, be seen in the future? If you answered yes in your mind, or even if you are not quite sure yet, we can help.

The purpose of the market survey is to identify the potential in the target market, map the operating environment and gather feedback, e.g. customer needs. Usually, market mapping focuses on identifying customers, resolving market size, mapping the competitive situation, and outlining trends.

Our local resources operating in the target market bring great value to the mapping work. By them we can e.g. approach your company’s potential customers with a marketing message appropriate to your target market and a co-created survey.

The goal of a contact-based market survey is to gather information about the market, but above all to get feedback about your marketing message, your product and the customer needs of potential customers, and to open up interesting sales opportunities. Often, after the survey, we continue with sales meetings supported by our local resources, for example.

Market mapping helps your company create a picture of the market and your target country as an operating environment. Contact us and ask for more information - the mapping aimed at internationalization is always defined on a customer-by-customer basis.

Go-To-Market implementation

After market mapping and careful planning, internationalization is ready to do, isn't it? Our experts and partners in the target market will help your company in the practical implementation, ie in bringing your product to market and implementing the plans.


Our local resources operating in the target market and our experts who know the market and culture help your company, for example, to start sales and create distribution channels and networks, not to mention knowing the local business culture.


Where is your business going? We are particularly familiar with e.g. the following areas:

  • Central Europe

  • Southern Europe

  • Nordic countries

  • Baltic countries

  • Middle East

  • U.S.

  • China


Companies targeting the Swedish market are served by our Stockholm office.

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