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Sales & marketing

Direction and strength in sales and marketing

My business is growing big, and when it grows, it becomes a tough international player that produces results for its owners - but how? The pieces are starting to be in place, but sales and marketing are not in your area of ​​strength. We help your company choose the right strategic and concrete measures and create achievable but ambitious goals for sales and marketing.

First, however, we identify and resolve fundamental issues together by discussing them. Have you chosen your audience correctly? What problem have you started to solve, why and how? What are the features of your product? Do they meet your customers' expectations? How do we develop the product closer to the expectations, wishes and needs of the market?

The service is especially suitable for companies that want to grow their sales quickly and target marketing measures correctly to support strategic goals - your product is still under development or you are looking for new growth with the current product range.


Improving sales and EBITDA

Do you know how you can improve your sales margin?

Sales are the undisputed cornerstone of business, so honing it to the top is vital to business. Improving gross margin is based on continuous development and raising the average margin.

Our process for improving sales margin includes data collection, analysis, interviews, and hands-on workshop work methods. The in-depth process helps to form a clear overall picture, and the analysis focuses on, among other things, customer relationships, sales volume, central purchasing and the competitive situation. In order for the implementation to be successful, the process pays special attention to the goals and measures set for the commitment of key personnel.

Improving the gross margin can also serve as a good foundation for, for example, the strategy process or growth planning, as the gross margin improvement process also provides useful additional understanding for strategy work.

Sales board

Is the common tone with your customer still in search? Isn’t the dialogue smooth or would it still require a bit of refinement? The sales board culminates in a general sales exercise before the actual main screen.

As part of the Sales Board, we solve basic sales issues, from responding to customer needs through segmentation to product features. The core of the service is to put you and your customer at a common table to increase your sales.

You sell, our experts and your customers listen. The feedback is immediate, direct and honest - however, you won’t miss an opportunity to sell at the event, even if some of your shifts are forgotten or your performance lacks emotion.

What problems have your customers identified? How are the problems solved today? How does your client’s decision making work? Above all, how do you get them to buy your particular product? How do you build trust in you and your business and evoke a good buying feel in your customer?

Together, we will find a solution to these and many other issues during the Sales Board. The service is especially suitable for companies that have a product in good condition and who want to get sales on the fly quickly or a new impetus for sales efforts.

Market research

Is your company targeting new markets? The aim of the market study is to broadly identify potential market areas and customer segments. We help define your market, potential customer segments and customer needs, identify your customers, partners and distribution channels, determine market size, map the competitive situation and describe trends.

You need information about the market, e.g. funding applications and investor presentations. You also need figures for business planning - don’t want to focus your resources on a market where you can’t make a profit in the long run and achieve your growth goals profitably.

Of course, the study requires traditional information retrieval and desk work, but can also include e.g. contacting potential customers (also abroad, such as in Central Europe or the Nordic countries), e.g. to identify customer need and test value proposition.

The work is carried out together with the representatives of your company by analyzing, discussing and utilizing the business expertise of our experts.

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