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CFO services

Does taking care of finances take time away from a company’s core functions such as sales work? Have you considered hiring a CFO or business controller? Based on the needs of your company, the role of a rental finance manager is to develop your company's profitability, organize financial and administrative matters to a new level as your company develops, and support effective management in matters related to the company's financial management and goal setting.

A hiring manager is a cost-effective and low-risk choice to develop and maintain your company’s finances and administration. The service enables SMEs to utilize a high-profile expert in the development of finance and financial management. You avoid the risks associated with recruiting and pay only for what your business genuinely needs.

With the help of our experienced expert, you will be able to quickly fill a possible resource shortage and reform financial management to the next level required by the company's development direction.

COO services

The rental COO (Chief Operating Officer) acts as the chief operating officer of your company, for example in situations where your company is starting a new business, the current business is in a state of disrepair or a new CEO is being sought for the company. The COO usually operates under the direction of the Board and / or the CEO. The role of the COO varies according to the needs of the client. We map your company's situation and development needs, and together we shape the role of the COO to fit the needs of your operations.


The advantages of leasing management are the opportunity to quickly gain practical management skills as well as business and industry experience in the company's operations. The rental COO ensures that the business is adequately planned and that the relevant arrangements, such as financing, resources, budget and profitability calculations, and the marketability of the product, meet the set objectives. The tenant manager introduces the company to the duties of the new person to be recruited and thus speeds up the access of the new responsible person to the actual activities.


A rental manager with hands-on experience will deliver himself to your office door and will be available at other times as needed to take care of the practical arrangements and day-to-day running of your business.

Acquisitions and valuation

Are you planning a business as a seller or buyer? Are you looking for a private equity investment? We perform valuations for companies in various situations. We also help larger companies identify and identify potential buyers - we make an assessment of the company’s business status and the company’s true value.


As a result of the valuation, you get a professional assessment of the value of your company or purchase, advice on how to increase the value of the company when planning a sale, recommendations on how to proceed with the project, and avoid over- or under-pricing your company.


Through our co-operation network, you also get legal services related to the trade situation.

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