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Free crisis counseling

The exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus has put companies in an unprecedented situation. For some, this means struggling for survival, for others, reallocating strategic measures.

We want to help companies make their way over the challenges posed by disruption. We now offer companies free advice specifically on your challenges.


During the free remote meeting, you will have access to an expert with whom you can confidentially discuss the challenges and options of your company. Korona is a new situation for all of us, but there have been many types of economic emergencies. Our experts have experienced these emergencies from a variety of positions, such as as managers and bankers. Take advantage of the expertise now for free to make your business easier.


Themes for crisis counseling may include, for example:

  • The company's finances, such as cash flow statements or alternative financing

  • Customers and networks, crisis communication

  • Sales and finding new solutions

  • Human resources: rapid adjustment of human resources, adequacy, lay-offs, collective bargaining, internal crisis communication

  • Risk management

  • Management and decision support

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