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From an idea to a profitable business

Business planning

A business operation under development becomes more concrete with a proper business plan. Together with you and your company's key players, we will create a plan ready to be executed. A well-structured plan will help control risks in your business, charm the investors with your knowledge of the operational environment, and implement profitable, growing operations in a market where your business will be lively and profitable for years to come.

While making the plan we will eg figure out the basis for a profitable business, evaluate risks, immerse in the operational environment and the market (if needed), define strategic goals and feasible operations, as well as make the required business and financial calculations.

The value of the planning phase comes from our experienced professionals and their sparring, their feasible advice and experience from specific fields of business. Instead of just handing you a model document - or in addition to one if you wish - our customers will be given a feasible set of tools for growth and newly discovered mental capital.

From an idea to a profitable business

Do you or does your company have an amazing business idea that you would like to make into a sellable, commercial product? Have you recognized any potential problems regarding your idea and do you understand the customer needs regarding it? Can you present solutions to these questions and can you do it convincingly?

Perhaps you have had some primary queries with your customers and they have given the green light for you to take your idea forward.

We help companies in the early stages and companies Renewing their business with commercializing new products and services and bringing them into the markets. Typically, we help our customers to:

  • create a feasible growth plan with budgets and financial calculations

  • define and price their product or service

  • test the idea with customers and collect feedback for further development

  • create networks required for the operation to function locally and globally

In addition, we assist with numerous matters related to planning and implementation. The extent of the counseling depends on the situation and the wishes of the client.

We will work on a business plan with your team to a required extent to ia ensure profitability and insure investors. However, the main focus of our work is in practical implementation, in addition to all the planning.

Financial planning

In cooperation with your company we will create plans related to your finances, such as budgeting and profitability evaluations of current or new operations, cash flow calculations, as well as investment and financing plans.

On top of running the day-to-day life of your company, you need financial plans and monitoring to ensure profitability, to evaluate the returns on your investments, to figure out your financial needs, and to apply for financing. Financial plans and continuous monitoring will also help you prepare for surprising events of the business world.

Financial calculations are generally related to planning, starting new businesses or companies, and developing financial monitoring in companies at different stages - also setting goals, creating indicators, and tracking results from the financial perspective.

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