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Tervetuloa Rahoituspaneeliin 1.3.2024

Suomen Yrityskehityksen vuoden 2024 ensimmäinen rahoituspaneeli suuntaa Jämsään!

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Business Rally Seminar Day

One of the highlights of the year of Finnish Business Development! The themes are work ability management, technological support for living at home and a funding panel.

Business Rally Seminar Day
Business Rally Seminar Day

Time & Location

05 Aug 2022, 11:00

Peurunka, 41350 Laukaa, Finland

About the event

One of the highlights of Finnish Business Development this year is here again! This year, the Business Rally will return to the traditional schedule, when the Jyväskylä World Rally Championship will be run as usual at the beginning of August. We are organizing a Business Rally seminar day on Friday 5.8. In Peurunka as part of the events of Jyväskylä Rally Week. The seminar day is being organized for the third time in co-operation with the Rehabilitation Institute of the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and Peurunka Oy. The event is part of the Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development Program established by the Rehabilitation Institute and Business Development .


As last year, the event will consist of two themes and the Financial Panel, which culminates today. This year's themes are built especially under the priorities of the Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development Program, such as Work Ability Management and Technological Support for Living at Home. In addition to the speeches and panel discussions, time has also been set aside for networking, where, for example, companies and other actors have the opportunity to present their activities. More information about the more detailed implementation and content is coming at the beginning of June, so stay tuned!

The day culminates, as usual, in the Financing Panel, where 3 growth-seeking companies applying for financing can present in the presence of investors. The financing panel is an excellent opportunity for companies to test their own financing eligibility, get valuable feedback on their own business idea and at the same time create contacts with financiers and investors. For financiers, the funding Panel, in turn, gives them the opportunity to get to know interesting companies and the opportunity to spar with them with their own expertise. Financiers also have a great opportunity to grow their own networks and get to listen to the views of other investors. And best of all, when the stars hit, a new investment may also be found at the event! This year, the theme of the seminar day's financing panel is growth companies in the health and welfare sector in particular. If you want to get to the Funding Panel to pitch with your company, you can contact the Business Development Back Office directly, contact information can be found below.


The event starts in Peurunka on Friday 5.8. at 12. The seminar day ends at 6 pm, after which we move on to a joint dinner at the Peurunga premises. In particular, technology companies, service providers, municipal actors, representatives of rehabilitation and medical centers, as well as investors who are openly looking for new partnerships to achieve common growth have been invited to the event.


Are you interested? Leave your contact information in the link below and we will contact you in more detail!

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Additional information:

Ville Lassila

Back Office

045 128 1370


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