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Critical period

CFO services

Is worrying about finances taking time from your company's core operations such as sales work? Have you thought about hiring a CFO or a business controller? CFO-for-rent develops your profitability, organizes finance and management operations to a new level along with your company's development, and supports functional leading concerning your company's financial management and goal-setting.

CFOs are a cost-effective and low-risk choice to develop and maintain your finances and management. The service allows small and medium-sized businesses to use a high-profile expert to develop their finances and financial management. You can avoid the risks associated with recruiting, and only pay for what your company truly needs.

With the help of our experienced professionals you can quickly fix a possible shortfall in resources while also Renewing the path of development that is required by your company's financial management to a new level.

COO services

COO-for-rent works as your company's chief operating officer in cases such as where your company is starting a new business, the current business is undergoing a breakthrough, or your company is searching for a new CEO. COO works generally under the company administration or the CEO. The role of COO changes according to the needs of the customer. We will map out the situation of your company and the needs of development and shape the role of the COO together to fit your specific needs.

The benefits of Renting a COO is the possibility to quickly acquire a professional with real-life experience in leading and in business to help your company. COO-for-rent makes sure that the business is planned out on a required level and that the issues concerning it such as finances, resources, budgets and profitability as well as the feasibility of the product, all match the goals that are set. COO-for-hire also briefs in the new person that is recruited to the position, and by doing so speeds up the process of settling in and actually getting to work.

The experienced COO-for-hire will deliver themselves to your door and will be available to handle your business arrangements and running errands as per your needs.

Company acquisition and value proposition

Are you planning a company acquisition either as the seller or the Buyer? Are you seeking for a capital investment? We make value propositions for companies in different situations. We also help bigger companies to map out and identify potential targets for purchase - we will make evaluations about the company's condition and its true value.

As the result of the value proposition, you will get a professional evaluation of your company's value, or an acquisition target's value, and advice on increasing your company's value while planning out sales. You will also get recommendations about moving forward with an acquisition, and you will avoid over- or underpricing your company.

Through our partnership network you will also get legal services concerning the matter at hand.

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