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Growth accelerator

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Growth accelerator in brief

Since October 2015, Suomen Yrityskehitys has been running an acceleration program operating under the name Central Finland Growth Accelerator. At least five new companies in the growth accelerator phase and ten companies in the startup phase will be selected for the program each year. In a growth accelerator, companies receive individual sparring depending on the development stage and needs of the company.


In addition to individual sparring, Venture programs are implemented as part of the Growth Accelerator, in which companies develop, commercialize, market and sell their products and services in business clusters created around industry-specific themes.

Business Jyväskylä, the University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences are partners in the growth accelerator. Operational co-operation is also closely established with Jyväskylän Yritystehdas Oy.

Objectives of the growth accelerator

The minimum goal of the growth accelerator is to double the turnover of companies. In addition to the growth in turnover, efforts are being made to improve the company's profitability and financial position, to develop the operating conditions, to internationalize and to increase the company's value.

The goal of the growth accelerator is generally to accelerate the growth of the turnover of companies located in Central Finland and to offer companies located in Central Finland efficiently various expert services for business development.

Growth Accelerator Program

At the beginning of the growth accelerator program, an individual growth plan is built for each company, on the basis of which the following measures, ie growth stages, are decided. The planning and implementation of the measures utilize the expert services productized by Suomen Yrityskehitys in connection with, for example, sales development and customer acquisition, various change situations, applying for financing and initiating internationalization. The program lasts 12-24 months and the pre-Accelerator program 6-12 months.

Who is the Growth Accelerator for?


The Growth Accelerator is a development program for growth-oriented companies, where experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders help companies double their turnover and significantly improve their results in less than two years. The growth accelerator is industry-independent, but most of the companies selected are estimated to be related to well-being and health, digitalisation and cybersecurity, or sustainable development and resource wisdom, such as the bioeconomy and smart housing.


Growth accelerator

· Cumulative turnover of more than one million euros in previous years

· The company aims to at least double its turnover in the coming years

· Your company wants to internationalize


· The company is established and you are at least on the threshold of commercializing your business

· Your business has internationalization potential now or in the future

If you are still thinking about a business idea and have already set up a company and feel that you need great sparring for the early stages of the business, check out the activities of our partner Jyväskylä Enterprise Factory!

Contact us and ask more about the accelerator

about our services:

Ville Viljanmaa

Service Manager


040 729 3342

Venture program

Intelligent care

Älyhoiva is a network of intelligent care services utilizing digitalisation built by Suomen Yrityskehitys Oy and Suomen Kotidata Oy. The intelligent care program brings together various actors in intelligent care products and services to be found in one easy-to-use service package. The aim is to connect service providers and consumers as easily as possible in one channel.

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development Program

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation is a development program launched in cooperation between Finnish Business Development and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. Its purpose is to unite experts from different industries to create new, easily accessible and implementable products and services in the field of rehabilitation, and to improve the quality of rehabilitation activities. The best players in their field are selected for the program, and cooperation ensures the quality of operations.

Harri Turunen


040 566 8928


Multimentor Toolkit - electronic tools for management and business development

Multimentor Toolkit is a development program launched by Multimentor Oy and Suomen Yrityskehitys, the purpose of which is to create an electronic tool suitable for business development and management needs, which combines various proven methods and practices into a high-quality entity. The project will be implemented in a customer-oriented manner and the number of methods and tools will be increased in stages based on customer needs.

Jukka Lassila


050 1810

iconmonstr-building-26-240 (1).png

Industrial Venture Program

The goal of the Industrial Development Program is to improve the financing eligibility and growth prospects of manufacturing companies. The development program aims to help companies cope with the digital revolution in the industry, for example in automation, robotics, machine vision, and testing and product development.

Jukka Lassila


050 1810

Wealth & Health

Marko Sorri


040 585 5238

Smart Meeting Room

Seppo Laine


050 573 4417

Interested in Venture Programs?

Contact the host of that program for more information.

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